2016-08-26 Opening Blackheath Choir Festival

We arranged a mass choir to sing “Acknowledgement” at the beginning of the first concert of the Blackheath Choir Festival. We can practice together for the first time at 6:45pm for a public performance in the main hall at 7:30pm.

2 thoughts on “2016-08-26 Opening Blackheath Choir Festival”

  1. Hi – Thanks for the strong Acknowledgement of Country to open the Festival. Some choirs in the Blue Mountains might be keen to learn this too. I am a member of ANTaR and so wonder which Elders you have consulted for your Acknowledgement?


    1. I’m glad you liked it.

      The words of the acknowledgement part are standard. The sorry part and the “always was always will be” part are commonly spoken in public without controversy (except by people who are far from ANTaR attitudes). For these reasons we didn’t see a need for consultation. Have you heard any different?

      This song is still evolving (slightly). If you would like to contact the composer I suggest addressing Deb Jones on solidaritychoir@gmail.com.

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