Count Us In

Our second CD – “Songs of Freedom and Justice from Around the World”


  1. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika
  2. San Salvador Liberada
  3. Nicaragua Nicaraguita
  4. Fischia Il Vento
  5. All or Nothing
  6. Grandola Vila Morena
  7. Soyilwela
  8. Thina Sizwe medley
  9. A Small Minority
  10. Pandaidigan Kapatiran
  11. Warrior
  12. Four Strong Women
  13. BRA song
  14. Ambore Medley
  15. Of Trees and Humankind
  16. Yim Eul Wihan Hengchingok (Marchsong For The Beloved)
  17. Oubao Moin

From the cover notes by Helen Jarvis, a founding member of the choir:

We launch this second collection of our work on the eve of our first overseas tour – to England and Ireland in July 2001. There we hope to share our music and comradeship with many others, and to return to Sydney reinvigorated.

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