Solidarity Choir Cassette

This cassette was released in 1991 and only a few copies still exist.

Tracks 1 to 9 were recorded in December 1987 by Tony Lewis/Makeshift Studios.

Tracks 10 to 21 were recorded by Peter Winkler in the Bondi Pavillion Studio.


  1. The Goose
  2. Hay Una Mujer
  3. Pandaigdigan Kapatiran
  4. Nicaragua Nicaraguita
  5. Winds Of Change
  6. San Salvador Liberada
  7. Ballad of 1891
  8. Comandante Carlos Fonseca
  9. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica (God Bless Africa)
  10. La Lega Crescera (The Union Will Grow)
  11. All Or Nothing
  12. Aziqatali
  13. Holihlahla Mandela (part of the Afrikan Medley)
  14. Maralinga
  15. The Way Old Friends Do
  16. Fischia Il Vento
  17. Four Green Fields
  18. Yim Eul Wihan Hengchingok (March For Love)
  19. Weevils In The Flour
  20. Funeral De Um Lavrador (Funeral For A Peasant)
  21. Mantaku

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