Ten Years Strong

In 1997 we produced our first CD – Ten Years Strong.  It includes the songs listed below – click on the name of the song for more information, or click on the musical notes to hear a sample (only available for some tracks).

Songs on the CD:

  1. The International
  2. Mantaku
  3. Moreton Bay
  4. The Ballad of 1891
  5. Maralinga
  6. Foho Ramelau
  7. Kolelemai
  8. Im-eul Wihan Haengjingok (임을 위한 행진곡)
  9. Xue Ran De Feng Cai (血染的采風)
  10. Tzuul Taca
  11. Four Green Fields
  12. Banchnoic Eirann O
  13. Solidarity Forever
  14. Nursery Rhyme
  15. Bread and Roses
  16. The March of the Women
  17. La Lega Crescera
  18. Bella Ciao
  19. I Feel Like Going On
  20. There Is Power In A Union
  21. Rulumeni Senzeni?
  22. Thula Mama
  23. Afrikan Medley
  24. Senzenina?
  25. The Way Old Friends Do

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