A Small Minority

Paul Spencer, 1997

“This is a song to pay tribute to the very small group which is left out of most listings of the minorities and special interest groups in Australia. They tend to go unnoticed in society and many people would be hard-pressed to describe exactly who they are. They fear that their very way of life may be in danger of being swamped by multiculturalism and political correctness.” – Paul Spencer.

Although a young man (the youngest member of the Solidarity Choir) Paul Spencer stands in the front rank of Australia’s political satirists. His arrest record shows that he also stands in the front rank wherever action is needed to protect our environment and our people. His recent hospital record came courtesy of the Victorian police’s baton charge against peaceful protestors, but for our part we are happy and proud to have made a record of his song!


I’m not an Aboriginal (a small minority)
But nor am I an immigrant – not True Blue Aussie me,
My family is Australian from way back out of sight,
And where we’re from before that doesn’t matter ’cause we’re white.

I’m a mainstream Australian, more typical than you,
I’m part of the majority which numbers very few,
When debating legislation for the country as a whole
It’s only fair that I have disproportionate control.

I’m not an adolescent or an immature child,
I’m not a young adult but then I’m also not retired.
I’m not a rowdy student or a feral or a punk
Or a greenie or a communist or any other junk.

I’m not a homosexual or queer of any kind.
I’m not unwell or injured in the body or the mind.
I’m not a homeless pauper or a starving refugee.
And I’m not a small-time business man with seven kids to feed.

Of course I’m not a criminal – I’ve never been in jail.
I don’t smoke marijuana or at least I don’t inhale.
I never ride a skateboard or cycle into work,
And I don’t catch public transport… no… I always take the Merc’.

I’m not a single parent, nor am I unemployed,
The working class and unionists I carefully avoid.
I’m surely not a woman – it’s more normal to be male
I’m an ordinary Aussie and my wishes will prevail.

Author: solidaritychoir

Activist choir in Sydney Australia

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