Rulumeni Senzeni?

Words & Music: Traditional South African.

During the 1980s the South African government found it expedient to evict entire communities from the impoverished areas it had arrogantly ordained for them and force them into different shanty towns . As people’s flimsy homes went under the bulldozers, they sang angrily Rulumeni Senzeni?  – “Government! What have we done to deserve this?”


Usiqoqela ndawonye
Rulumeni Senzeni
Usiqoqela ndawonye
Rulumeni Senzeni

Sesibona lezo mpimpi
Zifunukulwa nathi
Sizabalaza sodwa
Siqabalaza sodwa


Tell us, Government, What did we do? Now we see those traitors They want to fight with us. We struggle alone.

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