Word for Freedom

Words and music: Paul Spencer 2004


Remember when democracy meant freedom,
It used to mean equality and liberty and even things like
peace and love and sharing were implied,
Now it means a ballot box to vote for thugs in suits,
But I’m still holding onto it, remembering the roots and all the dreams it signified.

Anarchy was once a word for freedom,
They didn’t want a government to serve ’em or to lead ’em and together was the nicest way to be,
Now it means a riot, burning cars and looting shops,
Or lots of punks and hippies getting trampled by the cops but still the word means peace to me.

Communist once meant you stood for freedom,
Complete emancipation by the careful use of reason and of course by revolution in the end,
Now it means authority and total state control,
I use it still the old way but the autocrats who stole it make it tricky to defend.

It seems to me that drugs were once for freedom,
For learning and adventure, trip for fun not coz you need ’em and they made you see the world a different way,
Now it’s crack and junk supplied by gangsters to the poor,
But I still choose my headstate sometimes sober, sometimes more inclined to twist and float away.

At one time national sovereignty meant freedom,
It meant throwing off the tyrrany of empires it meant freedom to return to more anarchic days of old,
Now it’s civil war as small dictators fight for power,
But I think underneath a seed of new life waits to flower, yes in spite of what we’re told.

It’s better when we all just work for freedom,
All the queer anarcho socialist disabled coloured vegan pagan female libertarians and me,
We’re trying to spread ideas not just a slogan or a name,
And deep and complex arguments are harder to defame for all the bigots on TV.

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