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Not so much any more since Yahoo plans to discontinue its group email service from mid December 2020. We’ll set up a Google group to replace it.

It’s so convenient to use just the one address for anyone to to send mail to everyone.

This can only work if everyone keeps their Group email address up to date.

Unfortunately I can’t change your address. You would have to do it yourself. A section below describes a way to do it.

But wait. There’s more ! Not really, since sometime in 2019 when these extra services were withdrawn.

There’s a Files area on the Group site that has copies of the scores AND some practice tracks. AND, these are kept up to date by someone designated.


You will need a Yahoo account if you want to access the shared scores and practice tracks in our Yahoo Group site. If you already have a Yahoo account you might need to regain access to it in order to log in (see REGAINING ACCESS… below).

It does give you an email account which you might not need or want. This is unavoidable but it could be useful as a contact address to recover access to your main email account if you forget your password. By the way, your main email account could return the favour and be the recovery email address for your Yahoo account. You will have the joys of remembering another ID and password and wrestling with your Profile settings if you dare to be different from their initial default settings.

Open your internet browser (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome).

Go to It displays a Yahoo home page of news and ads. If you do not yet have a Yahoo ID it should have a “Sign in or join up” option near the top of the page. If someone else is still logged in to Yahoo on your computer you can log them out by hovering your mouse over their profile picture and choosing “Sign out”. Now you should see a “Sign in or join up” option.

Click on the “Sign in” link or the person icon next to it (near the top right corner). It brings up a login page that also has an option to “Create Account”.

Click the “Create Account” button. It brings up a “Sign Up” page on which you can enter the required details.

Follow the prompts and good luck to you.


How to join a Yahoo Group, for example solidaritychoir.

Joining a group puts your chosen email address into a list so you receive emails sent to the list. You can also send emails to everyone in the group using a single address, If you opt for full access to the group you will also be able to download scores and practice tracks from the Files section of the group.

First, log in to Yahoo with your Yahoo ID (if not already logged in).

Now you can just click on the link that Yahoo sent you with the invitation and follow the instructions as they come up.

Or, go to
and it brings up an invitation page.
If you are signed into Yahoo with your Yahoo Id you can click “Join this group!”.
Otherwise you can click “join the mailing list only” which presumably finishes pretty soon after that but won’t give you access to the Files.

If you clicked “Join this group!” you are offered options of:
– which Yahoo Id you want to use
– which email address you want to use
– and a couple more fairly obvious options.
Enter the “captcha” code.
After clicking a “Join” button you must enter a comment. It doesn’t matter what.
The page now says “Membership pending”. No need to go to the group page yet until I have confirmed your membership. I should have done this within 48 hours and you will receive your welcoming email from the group.

Best of luck, and get in touch with me if it doesn’t work.


Go to If you are not logged in the page offers you a “Sign in” option at the top right, then you sign in.

Now the page shows your groups (if any). Links on the left side allow you to choose which group to focus on. The “Files” option is under the group photo at the top of the page. If you click the Files option you will see a list of some files and folders (such as Scores and Practice tracks). If you click on a file name it will try to download it for you.

You can edit your membership details by clicking “Membership” then “Edit Membership”. The page offers edit options against “Identity” and “Subscription” in the form of a small pencil icon (easy to miss).


If you want to change the email account for receiving and sending emails to the group, you can, as follows:

Hover over your Yahoo profile picture and choose “profile”. Click the spanner on the top right of the page. Click the pencil icon on the “Account Info” box. Enter your password again. Click “Change” next to your Yahoo E-mail near top right of the page. Scroll down to “Manage your email addresses” and add your preferred email address (eg your iprimus one) and select it as the one you want.

That’s half the process. Now go to your Yahoo Group page. On the left of the page is a list of links. Click “Manage My Groups”. Change your selection of Email ID to your preferred email address. Click “Save” at top right of page. Hopefully that’s it. You should now get STUC emails sent to your preferred address. Remember that you will only be able to send emails to the group from this same address.


Ask me for your Yahoo user name (or ID). I might be able to find it in the list of the Yahoo group members.

With luck you should be able to go to and try to log in with this name and give the excuse that you’ve forgotten your password and see what they can do to help you.

The sorts of things they might try are to send an email to one or more email addresses they know for you. If they know your mobile phone they might send you a text message with a number for you to enter into some web page or other.

Or, a very old measure, they might ask you one or more of your “security questions” like “Mother’s maiden name” or “Name of first pet cat”.

If the can’t do anything you can just create another Yahoo account and I’ll send you an email inviting you to re-register into the STUC Yahoo group. For a while you might get duplicate STUC emails until I cancel your older entry.

When you regain access to your Yahoo account (and its associated email address) it’s a good idea to get in to your “account info” and “account security” and enter a recovery email address which you can use to recover your Yahoo access if you forget your password. I have also added my mobile number in case this helps me to recover.

Getting into your “account info” changes all the time. Recently I clicked on the picture of me near the top right of my Yahoo email page, then selected “account info”. If this doesn’t work, click around till you find “account info” or Google a plea for help such as “how can I change my Yahoo account info?”.

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