The full title “Budjari Gunyalungalung Baraya-La” means “Let’s sing good dreaming”. Jacinta Tobin and Nardi Simpson collaborated to compose the song to reawaken the local Sydney language in a performance for country, ancestors and healing.

Choirs and community gathered together to learn this newly commissioned song, which was first performed at the WugulOra Ceremony at Barangaroo on the 26 January 2017. It was commissioned by the 2017 Festival of Sydney and repeated in 2018.

The song is described and sung on

A sample of the song is at and also on, in all three parts.

Lyrics (and translation)

[verse 1]
Gurugal wirri galgala guwi (Long ago bad sickness come)
Biyal marri iyora booni (No more big people)
Yugu-na baraya-la (Today let’s sing)
Banga budjari gunyalungalung (Make good dreaming)

[repeat verse 1]
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)

[verse 2 sung by men]
Wugul-ora (One people)
Wugul bemul (One earth)
Wugul coe-wing (One sun)
Wugul garrigarang (One ocean)
Ngulla-wal (We care)
Ngubadi-la (Let’s love)
Wugul marri (One big)
Mudjin (Family)

[verse 2 as sung by women at the same time]
Burumerring (Sea eagle)
Gawura (Whale)
Damun (Port Jackson fig)
Gadyan (Sydney cockle)
Guwayana (Wind)
Guwayana (Wind)
Guwayana (Wind)
Guwayana (Wind)

[call and response]
Buruwi dharrook (East wind)
Bayinmarri dharrook (West wind)
Badjayalang dharrook (South wind)
Buruwan dharrook (North wind)

[everyone repeat verse 1]

[women repeat verse 1 while men sing]
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)

[then everyone trail off at the end of the round with]
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)
Gunyalungalung (Dreaming)

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