2017-08-27 Martin Place Tent City Concert

OK all, here’s the proposal as it stands to date. The organiser is Cathy Vogan – some of you may know her via Politics in the Pub.

A concert in Martin Place on Sunday 27th August 4pm to 7pm – date and time to be confirmed, subject to police clearance and other administrative details. Purpose is to raise awareness, empathy and funds for services to homeless people, affordable housing, social equity, families, singles and children in need, etc. It will be filmed and may end up as a documentary, and/or footage for the purposes of further awareness and empathy-raising.

They hope to know by early next week whether it will go ahead on that date or another date, or at all, so I need to know by the end of THIS WEEK whether all or any of our three choirs will be able to take part. Given the very short lead time, I think we should proceed as if the concert will go ahead on 27 Aug at 4pm, and assume there would probably be sound checks etc earlier on the same afternoon.

An obvious song is The Politicians’ Guide, which I think all three choirs know in common. Others might include a reworking of the lyrics of the National Anthem; Bugger the Bankers (the site is, after all, right outside the Reserve Bank, and just down from Parliament House!)… Your thoughts?

Any songs we sing, we should submit the lyrics to the organisers, to make sure it fits the message they want to convey.

At this stage, how many songs each choir would sing, and whether we would sing together or as separate choirs, depends on numbers, rehearsal time, how the organizers want to do it, etc, but a general overview of how the show will run is something like this:
– Start acoustically, with a solo piano (there is a street piano and pianist there).
– Choirs (in addition to STUC, Solis and Eeks, they are looking at a couple of others).
– A series of further acts, including bands, an orchestra, possibly a solo singer.
– Finish with something really well-known and big that everyone can join in.
– In between the acts, various politicians & others will be invited to speak.

To be continued – watch this space!

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