Lamma Bada Yatathanna

This song is hundreds of years old and celebrates a vision of compelling beauty. Over time this vision has broadened to take many forms, so it can unite everyone gathered in one place.

Syrian women refugees and displaced people get together and sing this song to reconnect themselves to their former homes. We like to sing it in solidarity with these women.


Lamma bada yatathanna
Lamma bada yatathanna
Aman aman, aman aman

Hebbi jamal lufatana
Aman aman, aman aman

Awma bila hazu atsarna
Awma bila hazu atsarna
Aman aman, aman aman

Ghusnu thana hinamal
Aman aman, aman aman

Wadi wayah hirati
Wadi wayah hirati
Manli rahim shekwati
Filhobbi min lawati
Illa malik Il jamal
Illa malik Il jamal


When she appeared with her walk so proudly,
The beauty of my love has seduced me
N’ how with her gaze she enslaved me!

When she bends she’s a branch that captivates
And Oh! in what troubles she puts me!

I got ‘no’ mercy for my wail
In love cause of this pain
‘But’ (and only) from the Queen of Beauty!

(Sound sample sung by Lena Chamamyan  on YouTube)

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