Peace Round

Words and Melody: TBA
Arranged: TBA

This song is an appeal for us all to treat one another with care and respect in order to create peace. We invite you to join in.


Peace begins when the hungry are fed
Peace begins when we treat each other as a friend
Let the peace begin


Piece By Piece

Words and Melody: Mary Jane Field
Arranged: Mary Jane Field and Miguel Heatwole, 2005

This song describes the hard working conditions of garment outworkers and their determination to find a better life.

Refuge to a Refugee

Words and Melody: Bernard Carney 2002
Arranged: Miguel Heatwole 2013

Reasserting our “boundless plains to share” in the face of the continuing vicious campaign by the Australian government to demonise asylum seekers arriving by sea.

Bernard has a website at

Hear him sing the song at
or, with the full lyrics, at
which also notes that:
“Unions in Australia have been active in the campaign to change the country’s treatment of refugees particularly those the government labels “Illegal Immigrants”, and locks up in purpose built privately run jails they call “Detention Camps”. These camps are made inaccessible to relatives, lawyers and even politicians. The government describes it’s treatment of the refugees as “A Deterent to people smugglers”, narrowly winning the 2001 Federal Election by whipping up hysteria on the issue, spreading lies like children being thrown overboard by their parents.”