BRA Song

by Francis Ona c.1997

This freedom song was written by Francis Ona, commander in chief of the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA), in preparation for Independence Day celebrations on 1 September 1997. Although Papua New Guinea is yet to recognise Bougainville’s independence, the people of Bougainville celebrate the first of September each year in honour of the first unilateral declaration of independence in 1975.


BRA pait antap nau long Mekamui
Pipol na graun bilong em
Na banisim long independence
Long go mekim wok
Gavman bilongem

Yumi ol asples man
Imas tingting nau
Long mama giraun bilong yumi
Na helpim BRA
Long pait bilong em
Na yumi gen stap hamamas tru
Antap long Bougainville
Long rights na freedom oltaim


The BRA is fighting for Mekamui (our sacred land)
For the people and their country
To enfold it with independence
And make their own government.

We the indigenous people
Must consider
Our mother country
And help the BRA
In its struggle
So that we may be truly happy
Again here in Bougainville
With rights and freedom forever.

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