2017-12-02 Koori Radio

Koori Radio has a web site at https://www.kooriradio.com/ and is also described at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koori_Radio

On Saturday the second of December 2017 we turned up at 8:30am for a half hour of radio at 9am, hosted by Uncle George Kookaburra (contactable at 0437-377-023). We adjourned to our own end-of-year party starting at 11am in the Bush Music Club hut at Addison Road.

9384-4014 is the direct number into the studio – to be called on the day so that someone can come down and let us in.

Uncle George’s program ‘Koori Country Konnection’ is on 93.7 FM and goes from 7am – 10am.

The radio station is at 27 Cope Street Redfern, a block away from the intersection of Regent Street & Redfern Street.

Bus stops close by. Short walk from Redfern Station. Free parking in lot next door on Cope Street and also street parking – check signs for duration.

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