2019-08-23 Singing For The Joy Of It

There were five choirs who sang in this order at the Marrickville Golf Club on Friday night the 23rd of August 2019:

  • Songs From Next Door (with Linda Marr)
  • Aca-pony
  • Ashcapella (reunion with Mary Jane Field)
  • Sydney Trade Union Choir (STUC)
  • Solidarity Choir

Singers who knew it sang Acknowledgement at 7pm to start the program. The STUC bracket was:

  • Bring Out The Banners
  • Green Weapons
  • I Ain’t Afraid

Solidarity Choir joined STUC on stage for a short bracket:

  • Mantaku
  • Anthem (refugee theme)
  • Unity

Solidarity then finished with:

  • Ella’s Song
  • Shue Ran De Fung Tsai
  • Take Me There

All choirs joined together to sing Sin Nje Nje Nje as the last song of the evening.

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